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All of our products are fully covered under our lifetime warranty.If you ever experience any issues with an item purchased, feel free to contact us and we will do whatever it takes to make it right for you.Our customer’s satisfaction is our number one priority!

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We offer free shipping for every purchase made. We never compromise on the best shipping services. Once an order is placed, we work around the clock to get it out to you FAST, and FREE.

Hose Instruction Videos

How to use the GrowGreen Expandable garden hose

Play our hose instruction video to watch the innovative design of our hoses and know how to use it right.

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As we were watering our lawn, we were frustrated by using heavy, uneasy gardening supplies. Therefore, we set out to design the most durable and easy to use watering tools. Since water is the main sustenance gardens and plants require to stay alive and healthy, we greatly consider watering supplies to be the most important gardening equipment. Therefore, we provide a range of watering tools and equipment that lets you water your garden with ease and convenience.

Our products are essential for your everyday gardening needs. GrowGreen gardening tools are made to last, and will bring lushness and life to your garden.

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